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All workers in a factory setting need to have the correct safety equipment to function properly and safely in the workplace.  However, it is the company’s responsibility to make sure that every worker has the accessibility to these equipments. While there are many places that safety equipment can be purchased, the company must also purchase the best safety equipment while staying within any financial constraints.

While financial constraints maybe one of the major factors on picking which brand of safety equipment, the company must first also choose on which safety equipment they will provide employees and which must be provided by the employees themselves before they can begin to work. Everyday equipment like boots, gloves and belts can easily be obtained by the employee, while other more work specific items should be made available by the company.

However, equipping the workers with the proper equipment is only half of the battle; all workers should know how to use their equipment so that the equipment can do what they were purchased to do.  Safety training and regular checkups should be done to make sure that the Employees are well aware on how their equipment works and to also check if any of the safety equipment has become damaged or worn over time.

In regards to equipment wear and tear, workers should be required to keep a daily log on any use of company equipment and a readily available log of all equipment should be kept to prevent theft. Any equipment that is reported to be damaged or lost should be replaced as soon as possible to prevent loss of production.

There are also other factors that the company must take into consideration when allowing employees to use company provided safety equipment. One factor is if the equipment will be worn on a one on one basis, meaning that one piece of equipment per employee. The other choice would be seeing if more than one employee would share equipment. While this could save the company money when purchasing equipment, it could hasten the wear and tear of the equipment the long run. While each option has pros and cons it’s up to the company to choose the direction they choose to go.

Safety Equipment for a factory setting is extremely important for the company as much as the employee. Companies must take into consideration several factors when purchasing safety equipment. Not only do they have keep within budgetary restraints, but they have to consider how any employee who uses the equipment will like or dislike any particular brands or materials. While selecting maybe a daunting and time consuming task, the end result will not only boost employee morale but increase employee safety.

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