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As in any workplace worker safety is always of highest importance. This is even more so in a factory setting where there are multiple factors that can lead to worker injury or worse.  Recent reports show that over 1 million factory workers worldwide suffer injury or illness while at work. This staggering number leads one to ask on how can factories begin to lessen this number of workers injured every year?

One important step on decreasing this number is starting with employee safety and health training.  This type of training, while helping with the safety and health of the workforce as a whole, also creates a healthy work culture amongst said workforce.

On the company’s part where would this type of training begin?  To begin employees should be encouraged to attend safety and health seminars which would be run by the company during employee orientation. For employees already employed for a lengthy period of time regular updates and materials should be given on a regular basis as to keep these employees informed of any new information.

During this health and safety training workers will educated on the correct safety procedures that can be followed in the event of a workplace accident. This training should be comprehensive and allow the employee sufficient information to handle the situation and minimizing any injury.  This training should also cover as much as possible so should any worker happen to come across an incident not covered by the safety and health training he/she should be able to handle the situation.

This training should not be limited to employees of the factory as well, complete training for employers and supervisors should be given as to keep them informed of the situations their employees are facing on a daily basis.

Safety also shouldn’t be the sole topics of the training. Employee’s health should also be covered and explained during this time. Employees with known medical conditions, such as asthma or heart conditions, should always have their medication readily available in case of an attack. These employees should already know the risks they are taking in working in conditions such as a factory, however, the company should still inform these employees of their options.

Most safety and health regulations can be found online and should be followed accordingly. The tricky part of finding these regulations is that they may change depending on location.  Common safety regulations may include the wearing of protective gear such as helmets, goggles, and work boots at all times while at work to having proper ventilation and airflow in the production area.

All employees who do work in factories should know that there are certain risks that are connected with working such a job, and no matter how safe and how cautious an employee can be, nobody is perfect. Accidents can and will happen, however, it is up to the employer to make sure that the workforce is ready and able to deal with any situation that may occur on a moment’s notice. By informing workers on how to deal with these situations, factories should be able to keep accidents and injury to a minimum.

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