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Fire safety and prevention is very important to any workplace, big or small. Every year companies lose billions of dollars in damages caused by fires that could have been avoided or contained properly. These companies also lose thousands of workers due to fire injury and even fatalities. Factories especially stand to lose even more if a fire does break out during working hours. So how can fires and fire related injuries be prevented or at least contained in a factory setting?

Here are some tips on how to do so:

  1. Correct Fire Training: Every employee, including supervisors, need to know the proper safety procedures in case of a fire. This includes evacuation procedures as well as who to contact in case of a fire, a dedicated fire marshal or fire safety officer maybe needed in this type of situation.
  2. Proper fire prevention and containment equipment: Every floor and every room should have functioning smoke detectors to warn workers of any smoke that could lead to fire. These smoke detectors need to be checked up on every six months. Emergency sprinklers should also be in place in case a fire does break out. Fire extinguishers should be properly maintained and marker visibly so that they can be used at a moment’s notice.
  3. Appropriate garbage and waste disposal: Any material that would be considered waste or garbage should be disposed of properly. Many organic waste materials can become highly flammable once complied together, and should be disposed of properly and on a regular basis. Many factories also have chemical waste that must be first stored in the approved waste container and then disposed of according to any rules or regulations that chemical waste may have.
  4. Adequate building maintenance: Many factories reside in older buildings that may not be up to fire code. Factory managers should have the correct fire code applicable to their location and should keep the building up to code. This would include the adequate wiring, ventilation, as well as proper fire dosing equipment such as fire hoses and extinguishers. Maintaining wiring is commonly one of the most difficult and expensive maintenance points for a factory, especially if the building is much older.
  5. Maintain building security: A moderate fraction of fires started in factories and other places of business are started on purpose. Arson is responsible for over ten percent of all fires started worldwide and is responsible for billions of dollars in damages and thousands of lives lost every year. Security guards and cameras placed around the premises could deter arson. Cameras can also detect if there are other security concerns such as missing product or improper employee behavior.

Employee safety and workplace maintenance is important to any business, by keeping in mind these simple fire safety and prevention tips one can minimize the injury and loss of business due to fire. However, a full risk assessment of the property should be done so that any potential fire risks can be assessed and dealt with accordingly.

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